Добредојдовте на официјалната веб-страница на Левица


    Draft Declaration condemning Bulgarian national chauvinist pretensions

    Bulgaria’s recent threats to veto Macedonia’s EU accession are not surprising. There were hints in October 2019, when the Bulgarian Government published its “Framework Position”, which among other things – such as the denial of the national identity, language and culture of the Macedonian people – openly called for revisionism in relation to the country’s WW2 fascist history and the foregoing of the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria. Bulgaria’s aggression culminated with the recent insults and attacks targeting our history, language, cultural heritage and our national dignity.

    The Macedonian political establishment has consistently failed to react in a dignified manner against such offenses. Alarmed by their history of betrayal, which was also responsible for the shameful “Prespa Agreement”, Levica has submitted a “Parliamentary Draft Declaration condemning the Bulgarian national-chauvinist pretensions”.

    Below, we present the mentioned Draft Declaration in full, as it was proposed by our party to the Parliament of Macedonia, as an act of unification of all political actors regarding the Macedonian national interests in relation to the national-chauvinist claims of Bulgaria.

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