Levica with an Open letter to EU institutions – asking for condemnation of Bulgarian funded fascist clubs

Левица Џиш _ Levica Dzhish



Донирај онлајн

Levica (The Left) sent an Open letter demanding that the EU institutions condemn Bulgaria’s actions for promoting and supporting associations that glorify Nazi collaborators, assessing that the trend of opening clubs in the country bearing the names of fascist actors with the aim of rehabilitating and glorifying Fascism and Nazism in their modern forms must stop.

Bearing in mind the resolutions of the UN as the highest body in world politics that condemn every form and appearance of fascism and Nazism, as well as the Resolution on the rise of neo-fascist violence in Europe adopted by the European Parliament in 2018 on the one hand, as well as the silence and the statements of the representatives of the institutions of the Union, which in the past period actively participate, observe and evaluate the relationship between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia, Left explaining the actions in Macedonia from the Bulgarian side, requested:

The highest and relevant institutions of the European Union to disclose their attitude after such developments and to publicly condemn the actions of Bulgaria to promote and support associations that glorify Nazi collaborators with anti-Semitic, fascist and anti-Macedonian ideology in a third country by abusing its veto rights as an EU member state.

Attached, the full text of the open letter: