We, as fighters for a world of collective progress based on the availability of opportunities for the free and equal self-realization of every individual, striving for a society based on freedom, equity, solidarity, social justice and democratic governance of the means of production—a society freed from the devastating impacts of nationalism, militarism, authoritarianism, conservatism, corruption, discrimination, labour exploitation and class stratification—and united in the name of shared human values and our common conviction that the radical emancipation of the socially and economically oppressed depends on our personal and collective efforts, pledge ourselves before all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia to fight for collective progress through solidarity, equality and concern for the environment. It is with this commitment that we have formed LEVICA in order to redress the concentration of economic and political power amongst a tiny fraction of society and redistribute it equally and consensually to the people where it belongs—to each individual. Convinced that the situation in which we live today does not correspond to human needs, on a local as well as global level, and aware of the bitter problems that afflict the lives of Macedonian citizens, we lay down the following values as the ideological foundations of LEVICA:

Social justice! The strengthening of socio-economic and labour rights provides the basis for combating poverty and class inequality and the achievement of a classless society. We denounce the perpetual suffering inflicted on citizens, their humiliation and exposure to the harmful consequences of an unruly capitalist system that profits a few at the expense of the many. We advocate for equal access to resources for all citizens, equal treatment in the management of the means of production, as well as for universally accessible public goods and services. We urge the establishment of a functional and comprehensive social security system that will protect and support those at risk in order to overcome hardships. We strongly condemn the privatization and plunder of public services and their misuse for elitist interests and personal gains.

The just redistribution and responsible use of the means and outcomes of production! We fight for essential economic changes, based on the premise that people should not be slaves to capital but that capital should serve the people. We advocate for policies which do not treat the worker merely as a resource in the process of production but as a human being whose life and health are more important than products and profits. We support policies that will stimulate economic growth through the synthesis of science and economics, thereby building an economy based on knowledge that will not jeopardize human lives or the environment.  Public resources must be managed responsibly and skilfully. The practice of favouring foreign companies and private capital must be abandoned. We call for the provision of the necessary conditions for a dignified life, for workers not to be alienated from their own labour, as well as for a just redistribution of income.

Responsible governance! We fight to build a society in which those in power will serve the people instead of making the people the servants of a self-serving regime. We advocate for a political system in which the common interests of the people will be superior to the interests of elites. We fight for just, responsible, and competent institutions free of corruption. We are against the clientelism that has become so deep-rooted in all spheres of our society.

Equality and solidarity! We stand in the way of oppression, disenfranchisement, humiliation and abuse on any basis. We stand for economic, social and gender equality and freedom of ethnic, religious and sexual expression, strongly condemning chauvinism, nationalism and all forms of discrimination.

Against nationalism and ethnic divisions! The citizens of Macedonia have been purposefully poisoned with nationalism in order to detract attention from their impoverishment, while a tiny layer of power elites has been accumulating inconceivable wealth. LEVICA will stand in the way of inter-ethnic barriers and tensions and, as a supra-ethnic party, will work towards uniting people regardless of their social status and against dividing people by their ethnicity. LEVICA opposes people’s confinement within the narrow boundaries of nation-states.

Anti-conservatism and secularism! We support all progressive currents and seek the deconstruction of clericalist, conservative and patriarchal moral codes. We strictly oppose the meddling of religious communities in state affairs.

Anti-imperialism! We stand against the destructive quest of world superpowers for global domination that makes this world such a dangerous place—from the unscrupulous instigation of wars in other countries to the imposition of ‘controlled’ instability and militarization. We oppose Macedonia’s integration and participation in military blocs and inhumane missions. We oppose economic imperialism embodied in creditory vassal-state politics and foreign investments that exploit domestic resources and labour. We fight for a world united in the name of peace, solidarity and equal progress for all peoples—above all for the unification of workers, the poor and the disenfranchised around the world in a universal human front for economic emancipation.  

Our is a struggle for a world founded on freedom, democracy, equality, solidarity, justice, peace and effective human sustenance while preserving and improving the environment. In the spirit of the maxim “there are neither rights without obligations, nor obligations without rights” we are convinced that such a world can only be achieved if people themselves take control of their own actions and actively involve themselves in building a society based on these values. Convinced that change hinges upon the political participation of each individual, we declare that our efforts will surpass typical party politics. We fight for the oppressed and we value the role of each individual as a social actor.

A better society is essential!

A better society is possible!


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