Levica chooses university professor Biljana Vankovska as presidential candidate




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Го пренесуваме соопштението на за кандидатурата на проф. Билјана Ванковска за Претседател на Република Македонија:

University professor Biljana Vankovska will be Levica’s candidate at the coming presidential elections, said party leader Dimitar Apasiev on Wednesday as quoted by MIA.

“Today is a big day for Levica because we are announcing our presidential candidate for the first time on record. This is professor Biljana Vankovska, who I think is the best candidate. I believe the party has reached a certain level and will now face the test of collecting 10,000 signatures,” said Apasiev. Left (Levica) is a left-wing party founded on 14 November 2015.

According to Apasiev, the party conducted internal surveys that included many names, with Vankovska leading the way. “We are throwing the gauntlet to mainstream bourgeois parties,” noted Apasiev.

Professor Vankovska thanked Levica for the trust and responsibility, saying she felt as part of the team despite not being a party member.

“My main mission is the one of professor and this will not change. However, some of you will remember that ten years ago I tried to collect 10,000 signatures as an independent candidate, without any organizational and financial support, using volunteers who I reached out through social media,” said Vankovska.

Many things have changed since, she added, and I will not serve as a political bystander on this occasion.

“This time, I am truly confident in this team. Meanwhile, this generation of young and combative politicians have set up a respectable party. We will take out the gloves, the time of political correctness is long gone. Ten years on, Macedonia is in a worse state,” said Vankovska.

The professor noted that the country is sinking in the Bermuda Triangle of three agreements hanging over its head – Framework Agreement, Prespa Agreement and Bulgaria Treaty – adding it is high time to turn a new page.

The first round of the presidential elections will take place on April 24, whereas the runoff will be held in parallel with the parliamentary elections on May 8. /